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23 May 2016

Flash with Cash - Nothing Like Microgaming Casino Games

For many years, Microgaming casino establishments have been setting themselves up as Flash gambling houses. People, who have ever dealt with online gambling on this provider platform, are well aware of the fact, that it is possible by two means: downloading the client on the personal computer or using the Flash variant of the game – that is straightforwardly from the site. It is essential to mention, that the second way has particular advantages and in some cases is more preferable. The main benefit resides in non-necessity to download the software on your device. After all, such soft “has weight” of at least two-three Mb. Many users, who acquainted with the Internet many years ago, are more used to them, than the modern players. The second privilege of the Microgaming flash lies in the fact that there is no any binding to the location or computer and the gambler is free to try the fate from any place. The company offers almost limitless catalogue of items. For today, it is practically impossible to count the general number of all developed ones, but it is close to several hundreds of thousands. Games of Microgaming

Long-term Future: Platformfall

With the constant development of new and advanced mobile applications on more contemporary and compatible platforms, the destiny of simple non-downloadable browser games can fall off the edge of the Earth. Today, when almost everyone possesses a smartphone, there is no necessity to play from PCs with desktop programs, which take a lot of memory on your computer.

Do Mobile Entertainments Hit Players or Desktop Now?

In the last Forrester report, it goes about the fact that the applications development on HTML5 platform takes more time, than it has been planned – because the usage of new standard means the huge workload in the testing on various stages. Let’s take for example the Holland company Spill Games – it is going to release more than a thousand of apps till the end of the year. It can be considered a total failure to both desktop and Flash versions.

- Instant Playing, Please! Nothing against Desktop Personally

Nevertheless, the programming on the lower levels languages (C++ type) plus desktop inventions are more effective, it cannot exceed Flash in the following fields:
  1. Fast development – it is possible to create games from the very beginning to the end for several days or even hours;
  2. Multimedia – it gives a chance to import and use different graphic types and sound formats;
  3. The simplicity in usage – simpler you will never ever find;
  4. Your work result presentation – without any doubt it is the biggest advantage.
  5. Due to the Flash plugin for browsers, your work can be presented on the web page, available to observing by anyone.
Flash and HTML5 competition

Flash Push-Out: HTML5 - New Contender for Power

The controversies about the dominance between those two platforms in the sphere of web-development have been going on not the first year. Steve Jobs statement in 2010 about HTML5 superiority poured oil on the flames. New platform outdoes Flash by at least two points: adaptability in the mobile environment and the presence of that very word sense tagging. According to the Digital Buzz blog mobile users spend on games 32% of the time. With the help of HTML5 the developers will be able to create the apps, which will be accessible on all devices. It is possible to imagine the eventual quality of such projects, observing the developments of Google in the frames of Google Chrome Experiments projects (created on the fifth version and JavaScript with the use of such open web-technologies as Canvas, WebGL and WebRTC).